313 Motoring | FAQ’S
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Q 1. Am I required to take a motorcycle safety course to obtain a motorcycle endorsement?
Yes.  Please see requirements to obtain a motorcycle endorsement.

Q 2. Where can I go for the required course to learn how to drive a motorcycle?
Ans.Please see information on the Connecticut Motorcycle Rider Education Program.

Q 3. Does a minor (under 18) need a parent or Certificate of Parental Consent (Form 2-D) when applying for a motorcycle permit?
Ans.Yes, a parent or a Certificate of Parental Consent (Form 2-D) is required even if the minor has a regular driver’s license.

Q 4. Is a Connecticut Driver’s License required to obtain a motorcycle permit?
Ans.Yes. Please see requirements for obtaining a motorcycle learner’s permit.

Q 5. Are there any passenger restrictions for motorcycle permit holders?
Ans.Yes. No passengers are allowed while operating with a motorcycle permit. Also, motorcycle operators 16 and 17 years old may not transport passengers for the first six months that they hold a motorcycle endorsement.  Motorcycle operators 18 years old or older may not transport passengers the first three months of having a motorcycle endorsement.

Q 6. Where can I apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit or motorcycle endorsement?
Ans.Only DMV Hub Offices process endorsements and administer the knowledge test.   

Q 7. What is the cost of a motorcycle learner’s permit?
Ans.The permit fee is $16. The fee for the test is $40.

Q 8. Do I need a valid motorcycle learner’s permit to practice riding on public roads?

Q 9. How can I renew my motorcycle permit?
Ans.You can renew your motorcycle permit once within a calendar year. Proceed to the office that issued your permit. Bring your driver’s license and your motorcycle permit. The fee is $16.